SMS Guidelines

This Application is under the sole responsibility of the user

Sheet SMS is an Application that is developed by a solo developer in order to help people to send texts in an easy manner using Google Sheets. The maker of this app made his best to test it and to prevent any kind of bug but in case of errors or problems created by the app, the responsibility of the developer cannot be invoked. Use this Application as it is, a tool to help you sending texts but be aware that it can contain bugs, problems or errors. The maker will try to fix all this problems and you should send any concern or bug found about the application.

In case of misuse, the user of the Application is the only responsible. The user of the Application is responsible for what is done with the Application not the developer. If you have any question or want to help, you are more than welcome to contact us at

If you want to send text messages make sure to review the guidelines of the country where you are sending the messages. You always need to get consent from users before sending messages to them.

We encourage you to review your usages of Sheet SMS with professional legal counsel to make sure that the usage respects your local law. In case of misuse, Sheet SMS will not be responsible and will comply with local authority to identify who is the user of the service.

These are the minimum guidelines you should follow:
Get opt-in consent from your recipients before sending a message.
Only communicate during daytime hours.
Do not contact users on do-not-call or do-not-disturb registries.

Sheet SMS will add to your text messages sent using the cloud service a link to unsubscribe from the message. If the person who you want to send a message is registered on our database to not receive messages anymore you won't be able to contact the person. (More information here)

If Sheet SMS detects an usage that would not respect these guidelines, Sheet SMS might ask for proof of consent and more information. If there is a proven usage of the application which is malicious or nefurious to people, Sheet SMS will contact the user and potentially close the account.

If you want to delete all your data just send us a mail at with your username and we will erase every data we have about your username.

Sheet SMS is absolutely not responsible for the messages you are sending. It is simply a tool to help to send messages in an easy and convenient manner.
If the messages you send infringe the law or are linked with illegal activity, Sheet SMS will not be responsible for your activity and you will hopefully get arrested. Sheet SMS will completely comply with authority of any contry to transfer all information it has about an user if it can help.

This Application is made to be used with Google Sheets. It has absolutely no links with Google company or with Google Sheets, it simply uses the Google Sheets frameworks provided by Google to allow users to send texts messages using Google Sheets.

If no message is sent for a year credit will be lost.

If an issue happened with the product, we would be happy to refund you if possible. Please contact us to describe your problem :

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Application, or have questions about our practices, please contact us via email at