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Send from the mobile application
Carrier price
Send up to 10 SMS per day


$5 / month

Send from the mobile application
Carrier price
Unlimited sending


Pay as you go

Send from the spreasheet
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No mobile app required

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Credit your account

Send SMS from the Google Sheets without using your phone!

SMS credits will be used with the formula =SENDSMSPREMIUM() in your spreadsheets.
Your message will be sent from a random phone number that cannot receive response.

If you are looking to remove your daily limit, you need to upgrade your account to premium.
SMS credits are not related to that.

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Upgrade your account for 5$ a month

Send SMS from the Google Sheets using your phone!

Remove the daily limits to add SMS on the spreadsheet and to send messages for only 5$ per month.

Upgrade now and remove the limit for one month!

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Download the mobile app

Download our mobile application to send the SMS messages from your phone

Get it on Google Play

For SMS the price is the one applied by your phone carrier but there is no added price.

If you do not want to have to send the message from the mobile application, you can buy SMS credit to send SMS directly from the spreadsheet.

With a regular account, you can only send 10 messages per day with the application, upgrade to premium to remove the limits!

SMS Messages

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